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Championship Registration

Registration for round 2 at AMCA are now CLOSE


Championship Rules

Championship rules are available now

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Championships Calendar

Championships Calendar season 2016

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F3U Season 2017…

Dear Pilots, The LBA/BML meeting in Hofstade to prepare the new season 2017 append last 15th of januari.  Some changes has been validated with the pilots, clubs and /or  section support people around the table. All the new informations will be prepared very soon and published for all of you.  Stay tuned and get ready […]

F3U Belgian Championship Ranking

Please find here the link to the results and the actual ranking ogf the Belgian F3U Championship after 5 rounds (as well if the 2nd have to be refly because of bad weather)

F3U Competition France (FAI)

The first F3U Competition in 2016 will be organised on the next 14th and 15th of may.  We would like to wish all the best to the 4 belgian registered pilots to this official FAI recognised competition.  We hope to see more and more participating pilots to these events.  Good luck to Maxime Bastin, Vincent Delcommene, Arnaud Stoumont, Quentin […]

Race / Pilots Check list …

Dear Pilots, Please find the general informations to participate to the Belgian F3U Championship – – – Get ready for this …

Use of Drones… non official pub...

Dear pilots, we received a lot of demands concerning the table here bellow that has been found last days on the web.  Please note that it is not an official publication from the DGTA/DGL but seems to be a promotional document. You will be able to continue to use you fpv-racer according to the actual regulation […]

Participation “check list”...

Maybe you’ve never been competitor and you’ve a some questions about “how or what do I prepare” to participate to the F3U Championship ?  It’s easy, have a look here bellow: FAI sportive licence : you have to ask it in your favorite AAM or VML club. Don’t forget to indicate that you need this […]

FPV Practice, DGTA/DGL derogation.

  Beginning of february’16 and with the support of the AAM president, we received  the official derogation applied to the CIR/GDF-01 concerning the FPV practice from the DGTA/DGL director.  Its application started since 01/02/2016. The document is available as well in french as in dutch.

F3U Section Meeting – Hosftade ...

The calendar and the national rules for the FPV-Racing Championship have been edited during the last LBA/BML sections meeting in Hofstade.  It has been made according to all the clubs and pilots present around the table and the international FAI code. 5 rounds has been defined through the Belgium, 5 clubs from AAM and VML […]

Website opening

We are happy to announce you the website opening, we are still currently working on it but the category and the most important, Rules are already uploaded and available for the pilots to review Thanks, FPV Racing team


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